Veal Scaloppine (Cutlets), Boneless, 2 oz


For veal Saltimbocca or Piccata or other recipes. The best scaloppine (thin slices of veal) are cut from the top round, so that’s what we do. We’ll send you a Veal Piccata recipe, very simple, in which you salt and pepper the veal, then lightly dust it with flour. Prepare a sauté pan with olive oil, and then quickly sauté the slices when the pan is hot enough. Remove the slices. Quickly bring butter and lemon juice to a froth in the pan, and spoon the butter/lemon sauce over the veal slices. Enjoy!

What could be easier? And it’s such a delicate meat.

Our Plume de Veau™ veal comes from small farms in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The Holstein calves are humanely raised in group housing, and formula fed (with no hormones) until harvested. You can enjoy this delicate meat knowing that the animals were raised and nurtured humanely their entire lives.