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From Competition Grade Yame Sencha, Japanese Hand-Picked Gyokuro, to Jasmine Scented Pearls and Chinese Oolongs, if you’re looking for an ever-changing selection of only the best teas, available in small quantities, you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy our teas either loose for a teapot, or in teabags. Either way, you’ll enjoy the finest whole leaf teas.

What makes tea special? 

A cup of hot tea during the afternoon or evening can be more relaxing than any other beverage. The Japanese ceremonial approach to tea builds upon this phenomenon. Tea is so much more than a mere beverage… it creates an opening, a path, a respite.

That should be sufficient reason to explore fine tea.

But in addition to offering you a sweet respite (no cell phones allowed!) from the busyness and possible anxiety your day has brought, green teas provide incomparable health benefits. (The benefits one might or might not derive from the faddish kale are insignificant compared to those of green tea.) We’ll enclose a two page summary of the science relating to tea’s health benefits, with your order of any green tea from us.

What is it that makes BellaVista’s teas special? Only The Best, At Its Best™… 

Just like steak or cheese or coffee or chocolates or any other food we sell, not all tea is created equal. Naturally, it starts with the tea plant itself, and its microenvironment; it includes the picking (the first of three pickings of the leaves is the best); and whether the tea contains the whole leaf or bits and pieces of the leaves and stems; and how the leaves are handled on the entire journey from the tea plantation to your home. Once in your hands, a little knowledgeable care in how you store and prepare a fine tea completes the creation of a very special cup of tea. 

We have teas in different price ranges, all of which are of top quality. Tea is priced by the ounce, but the more meaningful measure is by the cup. A bottle of water costs between $.50 and $1.00; A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs around $3.00. But a cup of many fine teas costs between $.33 and $.50, while the very finest competition grade teas cost between$1.00 and $2.50 per cup. So don’t be led astray by the seemingly high cost per ounce. It takes very little to make a cup! 

We hope our Tea Shop becomes a life-long companion on your journeys through tea’s respites from worries.