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Dessert is really, really important. I know… you worry about calories, or “healthy” food, or whatever. But here’s the thing: if you eat really fine sweets, and learn to treasure their long-lingering flavors, then you can cut the portion size in half without in any way reducing the pleasure. And Pleasure From Food is, in fact, healthy. So try our approach: small portions; long lingering flavors; long lingering pleasure.

I have “curated” all our sweets, rejecting five times as many as I have selected. Whether they be cakes or tarts or pies or cookies or macaroons or French Pastries or brownies or whatever, I guarantee they’ll make you happy. (We’re currently developing our own unique ice cream, and until I’ve perfected it, there’ll be no other ice cream offered by BellaVista.)

Here’s the secret of which we’re the most proud! The best pastry chef in America is, without a doubt, Francois Payard. And we offer you his most sublime creations:

By all means try our other sweets… they’re delectable, and a little less expensive.

But when you’re celebrating something very special, or sending a gift to someone very special, then please, indulge yourself with Francois Payard’s creations. We love him and his creations. And you will too!!!