Prime Beef: Strip Steak - Four Steaks, 19-21 oz each


Our two favorite steaks are the T-Bone and the New York Strip steak. The Strip steak is perfect for one person. We prepare it with its bone included… you wouldn’t cook a T-Bone without its bone, would you? The bone helps distribute the heat evenly throughout the meat, so even the center will be partially cooked when it’s cooked rare. And the bone adds extra juiciness and flavor to any meat. Because each person gets his or her own strip steak, it’s easy for the Cook to create just the right amount of doneness (rare; medium rare) for each person; 15-30 seconds more per side will turn rare into medium rare!

The extra marbling that distinguishes prime grade from choice grade not only makes the meat more tender, but generates much more flavor and juiciness.

Unlike many other on-line meat sources, we ship our steaks fresh, not frozen. So they can enjoy your gift while it’s at its freshest, we send your giftee a card and description of your gift, and ask them to let us know when they’d like to receive it.

Four Steaks, 19-21 oz each