Grass-Fed Beef: Standing Rib Roast - One Roast, 12-14 lbs


This Seven Rib Roast is the “109 rib”, the ideal muscle for a superlative “rack of beef.” Seven ribs will serve 14 people, generously. The special breeding and care of the heritage steers from which this meat comes makes this roast similar to the prime rib roasts made from Black Angus steers that have been raised on grass and finished on grain. There’s a night and day difference between our grass fed beef and that frozen meat so often found in farmers’ markets, which so often is the product of retired dairy cows.

Unlike many other on-line meat sources, we ship our steaks fresh, not frozen. So they can enjoy your gift while it’s at its freshest, we send your giftee a card and description of your gift, and ask them to let us know when they’d like to receive it. Also, they can choose to have this sent as a four-rib roast and three single rib chops (each of which will serve two people, and can be frozen if necessary.)

One Roast, 12-14 lbs