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We could include many hundreds of items in our Gourmet Shop. But we’ve chosen to offer just fifty.

These are foods that can be an integral part of your everyday dining (except for a few of the more expensive caviars, which we would reserve for special celebrations!) Even the most humble of them is special in its own way.

Take a tiny sip of the Sherry Jerez Vinegar, or the artisanal Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar, from a teaspoon. Then consider how you might showcase that flavor and aroma in the meal you’re planning. Appetizer, salad, entrée, sauce, dessert… don’t fear creativity!

The Tuscan olive oils are easy. Thinly slice a high quality baguette, and dribble enough oil on each slice to make a statement. Then taste. And savor. The lingering flavor and aroma of the olive oil almost rivals that of caviar. But too often, we take olive oil for granted, and think of it mostly as a component in salad dressing. Don’t.

Chesapeake Bay crab cakes make a superb appetizer or entrée. If you were dining at your favorite French or Seafood restaurant, you would look forward to the waiter’s setting a few crab cakes in front of you. Why not at home? Pure, simple ingredients, carefully blended by our Connecticut neighbors, and easily finished in the sauté pan or oven by you. Easy, but memorable.

Smoked salmon, farmed in the wild waters off Scotland’s shores, and smoked with the *. Yes, we do eat it on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, onion, tomato, capers and a squeeze of lemon. But that’s for breakfast! For dinner (appetizer), just one slice, capers and lemon juice. Perfect. Your week night dinner at home has just acquired a little more panache.

It’s Saturday evening. You just acquired a major new customer. Or received an important promotion. Or this is your first night in your new, and very beautiful, Upper East Side apartment. Or your eldest child was just accepted by Harvard Medical School. Tonight’s the night for caviar! We’ve chosen caviars imported by Rod Mitchell, who supplies caviar to Daniel Boulud and other top New York chefs. His is the BellaVista caviar we hope you’ll enjoy for your special celebration.

Each of our fifty Gourmet Shop foods has its own story. But your own story, for the first time you taste one, is what’s most important to us. Please share it with us.