Francois Payard Parisian Macarons - One Dozen


A macaron is a classic French cookie. The soft, crunchy, delicate shell is made from almond flour, sugar and egg whites, sandwiching a smooth layer of creamy ganache. Best enjoyed one leisurely bite at a time.


After 22 years of working with the classic Parisian delicacy, Francois Payard has created a line of macarons that successfully combines his own worldly encounters with a lifetime of experience in the kitchen. From Japan to Brazil, Francois has visited farmers and markets  to find the best ingredients to create this unique collection of flavors.


Each delicate bite will evoke the sensation of biting into the sweetest, most succulent fruit or finest gourmet chocolate. The 12-piece set makes a perfect gift for anyone from a gracious host to a loving relative. Or, simply allow yourself to faire les folies (splurge) by treating your own taste buds to this delectable collection. Everyone deserves something sweet.


Vanilla - Induces the simplest of sensations, providing an enticingly enriched twist of a classic taste.


Raspberry Lychee - Smoothly surprises the senses with a sharp yet satisfyibg touch of raspberry asnd lychee.


Pistachio - Is an amply nutty experience with the subtle pleasure of the original French staple. 


Coffee - Evokes the pleasure of sipping on a cup of the finest brew while incorporating a delightfully nutty flavor.


Passion Fruit - Is a vibrant and titillating burst of fruity, zesty flavor that will stimulate and arouse the senses.


Dark Chocolate - Richly encompasses the pleasure of classic, rich dark chocolate.