Food Shops


The idea for BellaVista's "Only The Best" shops first originated in Italy, after a delightful dinner at Mysotis, a restaurant in Rome, run by the Marsilli family. We ordered fish to follow a second course of homemade pasta. And like the pasta that had preceded it, the fish was absolutely superb.

The hostess, whose mother was also the chef, explained that a local fisherman brought the very best of the day’s catch to the restaurant at around 6:00 pm each evening. So that was their secret.

The next day, we decided to return to this restaurant rather than try a new one. Superb quality and wonderfully attentive service; what more could you ask for?

Arriving just before 6:00, it didn’t take long. Soon, a man with a weathered face, gray hair and a wide smile approached. He carried a large wood box, and paused beside a table until Signora Marsilli, the chef and owner, came through the kitchen door. She peered into his box, which contained eight or ten fish, neatly arranged, perfectly iced, their eyes gleaming, their skin lustrous!

To those who know and love fish, these all rated a perfect 10! Smiling broadly, Signora Marsilli made with her thumb and forefinger the sign of perfection. Even after so many years of cooking, she was still genuinely excited about the arrival of the main ingredient for what was to be another outstanding dinner.

It was then that Bellavista Market was born, because Mysotis embodied exactly what we promise to offer, week in and week out. We hope the sight of your food always brings with it Signora Marsilli’s smile of appreciation and anticipation!