Easy Meals

 Dinnertime — The Most Important Time of Day for Your Family

Dinnertime is the most important time of the day… if you do it right! It’s a time to relax, to be together with your loved ones, to celebrate the day past, to anticipate the days coming. We believe that dinnertime should be an island, safe from hurry, safe from bother, full of enjoyment, full of love.

That’s the ideal. But how often do we really make this time the sanctuary that it might be? We’d like to help. That’s why we developed our Easy Meals.

These dinners (which you cook yourself) are unlike any you can buy elsewhere:

They’re of the same quality, and often from the same sources, as those used in the kitchens of Michelin-Starred restaurants. (For example, much of our seafood comes from one of Le Bernadin’s main suppliers.) Whether it be the starring protein on your plate, or the olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, stock, herbs, grains, vegetables, salad greens, tomatoes or whatever that accompany it, every ingredient is Only the Best, At Its Best™.

That’s BellaVista’s reason for existence!

You can order dinners for three nights (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). You’ll order by Saturday Noon, and your food will arrive on Tuesday via UPS.

Or you can order for Friday, Saturday and Sunday dinners. You’ll order by Wednesday Noon, and your food will arrive on Friday.

If you place your order on Saturday for six consecutive nights (Tuesday night through Sunday night), you’ll get one night’s meal free!

When you’re getting seafood dinners, you should prepare and serve them on the day of receipt or the following day. (Click here for more information about our shipping and your storage and preparation of Easy Meals.)

Your time is valuable and scarce. By eliminating the time spent shopping for your dinners, you’ll have more time to prepare and relax over your home-cooked dinners — meals that compare favorably to those you’d enjoy in fine restaurants.