Dry Aged Prime Beef: Filet Mignon - Four Steaks, 6-8 oz each


This is one of the most popular cuts of all, because it’s incredibly tender. It has its own distinctive taste, and pairs especially well with mushrooms, as well as with classic sauces like Béarnaise. This cut is especially popular among women. Never, never cook it beyond medium rare, or it will dry out.

Our butchers dry age this beautifully marbled steak for at least 28 days, which intensifies the flavor while making the meat exquisitely tender. The care and skill with which they dry age this meat makes it even more special.

Unlike many other on-line meat sources, we ship our steaks fresh, not frozen. So they can enjoy your gift while it’s at its freshest, we send your giftee a card and description of your gift, and ask them to let us know when they’d like to receive it.

Four Steaks, 6-8 oz each