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What makes meat from BellaVista’s Butcher Shop better than meat from your best local butcher shop?

What processes do we follow to ensure that the meat arriving at your home is Only The Best, At Its Best ™?

Our Sources: We source our meat (Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal, Poultry, Game) from farms and distributors who supply the very best restaurants in Manhattan (as judged by Michelin, with their three star ratings.) Or from sources that we ourselves have determined to be the very best in the country. For examples, Click Here To Learn More!

Our Logistics: Every product in our Butcher Shop must be treated in a specific manner so that it arrives in your kitchen at its peak of flavor and texture.

  1. First and foremost, the animal must be treated humanely throughout its life.
  2. Above all, when slaughtered, it must be treated humanely.
  3. Subsequent to slaughter, it must be properly hung and aged (if not aged, it must reach you promptly after being hung for two days).
  4. Once it’s ready for consumption, the meat must be kept at the proper temperature while it’s being rushed to your kitchen.

Very simply, nobody else does what we do, unless they’re supplying Manhattan’s Michelin Three Star restaurants.